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About Us

New Mantle Pictures

Video Production & Animation

Our passion is to share stories that will impact, inspire, and challenge the world’s standards in media. We envision quality films with powerful messages that changes lives. Our goal is to create original content that will take you into the lives of others that aren’t so different from us, people we can connect with, and relate to. Our ultimate goal is to make a difference and transform lives through creative storytelling.

We recognize that the majority of what we see in media today does not speak life, promote hope, or inspire transformation. We want to be apart of a change in today’s culture. We know you have a story to tell or a testimony to share with the world. What better way to do that than through the media.

We cannot influence in today’s media by ourselves, we need those who have a passion and desire to share their story. This takes a community of people that believes their purpose is greater than themselves and what they’ve been through MUST BE shared with the world.

This is YOUR time to share YOUR story.